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Cancelled jobs on Upwork

Hey all,

There's  something that has been bothering me for some time. When a job is withdrawn or cancelled, why are freelancers refunded only the boosted connects and not the entire amount of connectsused to bid for the job. I think we should be refunded the full connects used to bid for the job since the freelancer was not at fault for the job canellation.


Hi Mohammed,


Refunds are only issued if you bid for a job that we end up removing due to a Terms of Service violation. You’ll be refunded both the boosted Connects and the cost of submitting the proposal. You can find more information here.


~ Nikola
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Hi Nikola,

Thank you for your prompt response to my obsevation. Yeah, I understand that connects are refunded in full in cases where Upwork cancelled the job posting due to a violation, but I think full refunds of connects should also apply where it's the clients that cancelled, since the cancellation is no fault of the freelancers. It's only the freelancers who lose in this kind of situation because the client is not paying to put up his job on Upwork. Upwork should be magnanimous to refund our connects where the client cancels or removes the job. I hope you'll look into this.

Thank you.

If client will close job himself without hiring then connects also will be refunded.

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If the client cancels the job, you will get the connects back too.

But I think you are confusing with the notification pop-up in the notification bell icon on top of the home screen every time a job been awarded. It shows the job has been cancelled even if it has been awarded to someone else.

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