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Cannot Save Custom Job Search

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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The freelancer "My Job Feed" feature has not worked adequately since around 2012. The freelancer "Advanced Search" feature does not adequately result in appropriate search results.


I use a custom search string entered into the default "Search for Jobs" field (example only):


((wordpress OR seo OR php OR mysql OR "business development" OR "website development" OR "internet marketing" OR "search engine optimization") AND (australia OR canada OR "united kingdom" OR "united states") AND NOT asap AND NOT urgent) AND skills: ("website-development")


Notes and Problems:


1) Space removed above between skills: and ("website- to prevent being interpreted as the emoticon: Smiley Sad


2) Saving multiple custom search strings will not work since clicking "My Job Feed" supposedly results in "all saved searches combined."


3) The search routines intended to result in "all saved searches combined" do not work well at all.


4) The delete saved search button "X" is hidden unlike before; however, hover over the upper right-hand corner of the saved search, and when a "hand" is revealed, left-click to delete.


5) The above search string still works A-OK, but unlike a few days ago, I can no longer save that search so that my own "My Job Feed" makes sense. I get an error message, and my save attempt is blocked (see attached image).


I need to save a search string similar to that above in order to search for jobs on Upwork in an efficient and economical manner. I have initiated a support request; however, I do not have much faith in Upwork's ability to adequately address the issue. We'll see....


Upwork -- "Everyday another problem...."

Ron aka LanWanMan