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Cannot apply to jobs or view profile

New Forum Member
Hello ! I'm afraid I am having some problems with the interface of Odesk. When I access Odesk I am greeted by the Home screen. I select "Log In" and it logs me in automatically, sending me to the "Recommended Jobs" page. If I try to view my profile by selecting "View Profile" is tells me "This users profile cannot be seen by members outside the Odesk community. Create An Account or Sign in" Nothing wrong here, I selected this feature a long time ago. The problem is that when I select "Sign In", even though I was signed in when clicking to iew profile, it signs me in by sending me back at the Recommended Jobs page. Same situation with jobs. I can clearly see a job and its requirements by accessing it from the Recommended Jobs page, but cannot apply to any job because when opening the job page it sees me as not signed in, so I have to log in to apply. When I select "Log In", it sends me back to the Recommended Jobs again. This is very frustrating as it makes the website and its purposes completely useless to me since I cannot apply to any job or add extra works to my portfolio.
Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Razvan, I am sorry you are experiencing problems with the site. Please, try to contact Customer Support, so they can assist you with the issues. If you are unable to reach Support, please let us know here on this thread.
~ Valeria

I have the same problems as mentioned before. Furthermore I can t access my job application page any more.

Hi Wolfgang,


I am sorry about the issues you are having. Please, try clearing your cache and cookies and logging into oDesk using a different browser. If it still doesn't work, please contact Customer Support. Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria