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Cannot get my profile accepted!!

Hi the,

I am trying to start looking for gigs in UpWork but I cannot seem to get my profile accepted. Is there a way to share my profile in the community or subreddit to see if it's complete or I am not really skilled enough to get into UpWork.

I am an iOS Developer with some experience in Data Science / ML. I've been doing the former for 4 years learning on my own, getting my first paid job last year and shipping several apps through the years. Regarding ML I am skilled with Python having also several years of experience and now doing ML projects having put to production my first a couple of months ago. All of this is presented in my profile with a description and website. Is this not enough experience for UpWork? Or is it my problem regarding the presentation of my profile.

I know tests are going to be deprecated in a while but I've completed the Swift and Python ones just in case adds some points to get my profile verified.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Roy,


Could you please send me a PM with your username and email address of the account in question?


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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