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Cant bid under $3 - we (our agency) are losing a lot of agreement in cheap rate

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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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oDesk does not care about legal minimum wages, which don't apply to freelancers anyway. It cares about making a profit.
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Donna D Member Since: Mar 20, 2013
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monitoring itself won't harm you, but if they find that you pay freelancers you found on oDesk out of oDesk, i.e., the paypal thing that you mentioned, you will have to pay them a good chunk of money, especially if you pay all of your freelacers outside of oDesk. you and your freelancers could also be suspended. "2.5 Disintermediation. Client shall make all payments relating to, or in any way connected with, a Service Contract (including, without limitation, bonuses) through the oDesk Platform. Any action that encourages or solicits complete or partial payment outside of the oDesk Platform is a violation of this Agreement. Should a Client or Freelancer (including an Agency) be found in violation of this section of this Agreement, it will owe oDesk an amount with respect to each Service Contract equal to the greater of a) $2,500; or b) the applicable fees had the payments been processed through the oDesk Platform, plus 18%."