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Cant open downloaded attached to job files through upwork android app

Hello there, can't open attached to the job files after download through upwork undroid app. Some applications just drop down, another say: first save on device and then open.

Android 6.0.1
Device nubia z12
All permission for android upwork app include store saving are allowed
Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Sergey,


Please follow our troubleshooting steps in this Help Article. If you`re still experiencing the same problem, please refer to the last section of the guide.  thank you.

~ Goran

Upwork has a **Edited for community guidelines** app. Every other app downloads to Downloads. On my phone it downloads to /data/user/0/com.android.providers.downloads
I found it by finding the file properties while the pdf was open. If it's not a pdf it vanishes.
This folder is also not searchable by most tools.
Do a better job Upwork!!

That guide you linked to was completely irrelevant.
Please ask the dev's to make the app choose the default phone download folder.
Hiding it deep in system files is not a very good idea
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