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Cant propose a contract

I was in a contract with this guy for a month then I proposed a new contract exceeding my limit hours per week. The first contract concluded and second started but within a day while im  working on this contract. I received this message from upwork that my clients account is suspended for some reason then our 2nd contract got concluded without completion of the given work. I tried to propose a new contract to this client again but it keeps on saying you cant propose a new contract at this time. Its been two weeks im dealing this problem. Please solve this upwork team.  


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This client suspended. Stop works asap until resolved.

You cannot do anything here. Upwork won't share details with you. Just wait.

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Have you done what the message suggests and contacted Upwork support?


It sounds like your client has been suspended for some reason - Its possible it could be as simple as a card payment error - once the client sorts the issue the contract will be reactivated if that is the case. 


Just hand tight, dont do any work  - tell your client they may need to contact support as there is an issue, and contact support yourself if you want more infoand they will hopefully tell you what is happening.

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Well my client has not responded any messages from the day he was suspended, which was 2weeks ago. I dont even know what am i suppose to do at this point.

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