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Card Declined

Hi there, hope you are doing good


I have a Mastercard Debit Card. When I try to add it on my profile or try to use it to buy connects or upgrade my profile, it keeps getting declined every single time. I've talked to my banking officer and he assured me that my card is fine and they haven't received any such request of card declined at their end.


Kindly help me here. 

Thank You, 


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You have to be sure that your MasterCard can be used for international transactions. Just because is MasterCard doesn't mean it's gonna be accepted everywhere. Does your bank allow currency conversion to USD? Is your MasterCard link to your local currency bank acc or a USD acc. There are several reasons why your card is being declined. 

I've been doing online purchases for a long time now. This never happened
before. And yes, my card is allowed to have currency change.
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