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Career Change

Hello Upwork Community,


I'm Eleni and I have been working via Upwork for 4 years as a Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeper. I have done pretty well until now, because my background is in Economics and it was easy for me to handle bookkeeping platforms. The thing is that I realized after all these years that I don't see myself as a  Bookkeeper/Accountant in the future.


Recently, I was given the chance to learn some Business Analysis tools and I'm more than excited to follow this path. So, it would be awesome to start getting Business Analysis jobs on Upwork, but my experience is totally not related to this. Also, I tried to create another profile (and after the acceptance of the new one, delete the previous), but it got rejected because "there are already many freelancers with a similar skillset". Did anyone had the same problem as me? Please, help.


Here's my Upwork profile: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01648f03ed2531a363


Thank you in advance!

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Dont try to shift to a new profile. Your existing profile is an asset for you and it carries a lot of Good Will value for you.


Just add your new desired expertise into your skills and redesign your Job Feeds to match the kind of Jobs you looking for in future.

Imran, thank you for the quick response.


Do you think it would be good if I was honest in my applications and make it clear that I'm entry level and have no related experience in the field? 

Yes sure, you have to be honest and it will be rewarded. It will reflect your character in your applications and may well be appreciated for.


I hope you would not face any issues proving yourself in your new career path as you have some track record of jobs done in the new areas and you can always showcase them as past projects to give confidence to the clients.

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@Eleni N wrote:

I tried to create another profile (and after the acceptance of the new one, delete the previous)

 Really? Did you just deleted your previous account? No way... IMO it's a wrong decision. You should have changed your previous profile skills.

No I didn't delete it, because I couldn't know if the new profile will be accepted.

Great, then change your skill set and start applying to new jobs. The thing is, you can became anything at anytime at anywhere. If you think the path you choose was beautiful, then let not ask where it leads. Just go with it. You will became a slow walker for this for the first couple of months, in your career journey; but never walk back. Best wishes for you.

@Eleni N wrote:

No I didn't delete it, because I couldn't know if the new profile will be accepted.

 You are not allowed to have more than one profile. I don't see your rationale why you would delete it in the first place, as you can change everything in your profile except, obviously, your work history. The new skills you want to offer are also not in a completely different field, you can see them as evolving from bookkeeping in a way. So I would build on that. 

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@Eleni N wrote:

Also, I tried to create another profile

If you are caught by Upwork doing this, you will get permanently banned from the site. Don't ever attempt this (Edit: the link you shared to your profile doesn't look good at this point, I hope they didn't already take action).


Upwork has said that they will allow multiple-profile accounts, so freelancers can have more than one tab on their profile for different skill sets. You may want to wait for them to release this feature. Hopefully, they will release it during our lifetime. Otherwise, your kids will benefit from it. Which is totally possible since Upwork evolves at geological speed.

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