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Categories Failure (IT & Development)

I need to use the word 'failure', because Upwork is failing to reflect & keep up-to-date with the IT & Development marketplace in some ways which pretty significantly fail to support freelancers & agencies operating on this platform:


First of all, Upwork is missing significant categories of the marketplace in the overall IT & Development heading:

CRM: practically all organisations use one, so this is a seriously strange omission

ERP: including finance systems, essentially all organisations use one

NoCode (or LoCode): A huge movement at all levels of industry, and distinct from traditional software or web development


CRM & ERP tends to refer to the implementation & customisation of systems marketed as such (e.g. GoHighLevel, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce).


NoCode can refer to the setup of systems marketed only as NoCode solutions (e.g. Notion, Clickup, Airtable), or to larger application-builders right up to the Enterprise level (e.g. Bubble, Microsoft Power Platform, Force.com by Salesforce); which can be used to build a custom CRM / Line-of-Business application, or Web, Desktop & Mobile app (or all of those things in one).


CRM & ERP have been around for a long time!  Looking at your Design heading, there are lots of categories listed there, so it's so strange that CRM & ERP – for which there are many jobs posted on Upwork – don't get their own categories, or even a shared / combined one.


NoCode/LoCode has been a huge movement over the last 3 years, which only AI has recently out box-officed in terms of the latest method of marketing tech products (and AI already has its own category, I see).


Effects on Freelancers & Agencies

I suspect that the lack of these categories would make your search algorithms less effective.


But the main reason for posting this just now is that I'm unable to create a Project for anything related to CRM, ERP or NoCode without clicking into loads of different cateogies & sub-categories, and finding none of their assumptions as to the techhnologies used for development are relevant.


It isn't possible to create a Project related to these fields which covers the technologies & platforms in use.


So any such project I create has to be tucked under "Other" and simply be made up of my own tags, which seems like it's going to be compromised in terms of being featured on the site or otherwise being correctly matched to clients' project searches.


These are pretty glaring Category anomolies – it's overdue that these be reviewed & corrected by Upwork.





Hi Anthony, 


Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your feedback. I will be sure to share it with our team for further review and consideration. 

~ Nikola

Thanks Nikola, it would be good for us CRM, ERP & NoCode professionals to be able to market ourselves more effectively on Upwork, on a par with the web designers, software developers and app developers with whom we share the same overarching category.

I meant to add, Nikola: I would be happy to work with Upwork to help to define the ERP / CRM / NoCode Categories & the technologies, platforms, skills & expertise groups required to effectively structure a Catalog Project for these.

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