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Category Change - negatively impacting Clients and Freelancers

I completely understand changes to categories, but today I noticed that Paralegal is missing from the Legal Category.


This is a big negative from both a client and freelance standpoint.  Paralegal work is very specific and cannot be grouped into other legal categories as these may require a lawyer. Searching for a project, as a freelancer or trying to find a freelancer in this industry as a client is now very difficult for those in this industry.  I respectfully ask that someone reconsider this change. 


Hi Kelly,


From time to time, we evaluate and update the specialties and skills listed on Upwork to reflect the current trends and talents that freelancers offer. These updates improve our site’s search and matching capabilities, so it’s important that they’re kept up-to-date. As a part of such a recent update, the Paralegal Services sub-category has been merged with Corporate & Contract Law.  I appreciate you sharing your feedback about this change and have forwarded it to the team.

~ Luiggi
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I noticed that the Categories have changed and that Paralegal and Legal Assistant are no longer options. Is this a problem only I am having or is this a permanent change? Without these categories I'm having to sift through way more posts.


Thank you!

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