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Certificate of Earnings

I began working as a freelancer on January 2021, it has been aproximately 20 months since i started.

I am aware that there are specific requirements to qualify for a 1099-misc/1099-nec by which i did not qualify for. Therefore, i did not recieve a document to use for my 2021 tax report. 

I am currently applying for a loan and I require documentation of earning for the year 2021. Since I do not have a 1099-misc, I wanted to use the certificate of earning to comply with their request. 


The problem is that its only a 12-month record and is missing the majority of my earnings (about 8 months of earnings) which is the majority of my earnings. Is there any way I could recieve a older version of the certificate of earnings which would display my earnings from period Jan 2021 - Dec 2021 ?


Furthermore, a reasonable suggestion is that it includes a 5th box "service contracts recieved - To date or since the start" which would sum the entire earnings. Another way to address this is to archieve multiple yearly certificate of earnings so other freelancers can use them as record for tax reporting or similar to my circumstance of needing the documentation asa verification for a loan.


If anybody in upwork Cust. service could help me retrieve a older version of the certificate of earnings between the period Jan 2021 - Dec 2021 it would be much appreciated.




Hi Aaron,


I'm sorry for the late reply here. Do you still require assistance with your Certificate of Earnings?

~ Luiggi
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