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Hello everyone, 


I have around 5 hubspot certifications, however for a good portion of them I do not see any option on the drop down select menu. How do I go about getting my certifications added if they are not located in the drop down menu?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Keon,

If the certification you wish to add is not available in the list, you can suggest it as a certification by clicking on the "Suggest this certification" link so that it goes to the team's queue. In the meantime, may I suggest thaat add it as a portfolio item. 


Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 10.32.22 AM.png

~ Avery
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I have tried adding the certification but occurs that they are too old and their names have changed.

For example:

The Oracle company had bought the Sun and then changed cert´s name to Oracle.

The old name was: Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform

The new: Oracle Certified Java Professional

Does anyone know how to add old certifications?


Hi Raphael,


Only validated certifications can be added under the "Certifications" section of your profile. You can, however, use your portfolio or overview to add certificate you have provided there is no contact information in it. You can find more tips, instructions, and related policies in this Help article.


Thank you!

~ Bojan


I sent just my Oracle´s Certview certification list just described in the
1. open certview 3rd parties;
2. send to upwork..
3. click add button;

I can do the process described but the certification´s name has changed
since 2005. Is there a way too add the certs above? I cand send to whatever
email from oracles cert view page.

[image: foto.JPG]
[image: foto (2).JPG]
[image: foto (1).JPG]
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Raphael, 

It looks like you already have an open ticket with the same question. Feel free to follow up on the same ticket thread so that the team handling your ticket can get back to you and assist you further. 

~ Avery
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