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Hi! I'm Hugo, and I'm new to oDesk. I want to be able to take some translation jobs in here, so I decided to add my Cambridge certificates to my profile. Today I was browsing other translators and saw that one of them also had a certificate (the FCE) on her profile, but hers was much different from mine. It didn't look as nice, since mine has a "Verified" tag and is all greeny and clickable and hers was plain text, but hers had her grade (A, B or C). It wasn't on her Overview tab, it was in her Certifications tab. I would like to know if there is a way of adding my grade to my verified certificates as well, since I feel it could help me further improve my profile. If so, how is it possible?
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Hugo, Please, contact Customer Support; they should be able to assist you with adding your grades to your certificate information.
~ Valeria

Thank you, Valeria! I contacted them, let's wait and see what happens now.