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Change Profile Category

I have created my account about 7 or 8 months ago. My profile represents that I am an SEO specialist. But in the meanwhile, I totally focused on Web Development. Now I am a Front-end Web developer with HTML, CSS, Js, Bootstrap, and react. I want to change my profile info such as CategoryTitle, Description, skills, and portfolio. Is it possible or not? If possible, is it Harmful to my profile? If yes, then what should I do?


I need a solution to this confusion. I don't want to work with SEO anymore.

What should I need to do? 
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Md Ariful,


You're free to update your profile to reflect your current skills and expertise. You're also able to create separate Specialized profiles for your new expertise. Please check this helpful article for more information about Specialized Profiles available for Freelancers on Upwork.

~ Bojan
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