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Changes in Connect system, when ?

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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@Bob H wrote:

A $5 job costing oDesk money is not the problem, IMO.  The $5 job is what the market will pay.   

On the other hand, if oDesk's cost model tells them it costs them $1 to process a job, then they should place a minimum job cost of $10.


If a client believes that $10 is too much to pay, they will go elsewhere.  Similarly, if $5 is too little to get paid, freelancers will go elsewhere. 





I would like to see the $5 jobs go elsewhere. To many people who would like to abuse human beings period have been on oDesk in the past and blantantly think it is ok to pay someone or not pay them at all.


If freelancers don't have enough skills to be doing a job for a better rate maybe they need to be looking elsewhere.


And everyone can get mad at me if they like, but those who have been working for so little if they are good at what they do than they should be able to raise their rate and their standard of living by charging more and working for a client who appreciates them.


I am by no means putting down someone who works for lower rates, but there are way to many with no skills at all trying to break into freelancing who have no business doing freelancing.


Same goes for cleints who have no idea how to run a business thinking they can have a website done for $5.00, but there is always someone who will do it. If more people would stand up for what they are really worth then they could be saying I make enough I can work part time and have extra spending money and can actually enjoy being a freelancer without being abused by someone who wants to pay someone pennies. 

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Ian David John E Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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I just wanted to reinforce what i said the other day!


What oDesk is doing is not only removing mass spamming of clients projects / jobs but also helping to get rid of the $5 / $10 jobs. This will raise the profile of oDesk.


For freelances who like working for $5 / $10 can look for those's jobs elsewhere. As freelancers will be less likely to waste their connects on low paying projects / jobs. But really oDesk is doing you a favor as the connects system will force these low paying clients to pay you more or leave (if they leave no great loss).


I am happy with the connects system as I think it really is for the greater good of all.



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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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I completely agree with you. The difference the connects have made is truly a positive one. The spam is stopping.


The end of those $5 jobs will benefit everyone and make this a platform a place where you come to look for professionals.