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Changes to Upwork

I've had a lot of success on Upwork until recently. Has anyone else noticed a lot of (negative) changes since Upwork changed their fee structure? Not only is it a lot more expensive to apply for jobs now (i.e. more connects per job), but my job list is full of fake jobs and phishing scams. No one has even looked at my application for the last 10 jobs I applied for, and this is very unusual for me. 


Do the powers that be at Upwork take suggestions? Maybe if people had to have their payment verified before they are allowed to post jobs it would weed out some of those fake job posts. Also, instead of charging freelancers so much more to apply for jobs, charge the clients to post their jobs and then subtract that cost from when they hire a freelancer. I'm sure none of the scammers would pay to post a job that they never intend to fill.


I'm tired of buying connects to spend on fake jobs. Where did all the real jobs go?  Is it just me? 



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Hey Jennifer, I understand what you mean, and please know it's not just you,  we're all on the same boat. Your idea to ask clients for upfront payments as a security measure is quite good to weed out scammers/fake jobs, but I dont think that Upwork will actually go through with it. Upwork is a business, and it's all about making money, but it's also important to remember that the platform's success relies on its product. It seems like upwork is losing its shine recently, day by day.

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I'm having the exact same problem!! I'm top rated and have been on Upwork off and on since it was Elance, loads of good reviews etc. I was working with one client for quite a while so hadn't applied for any new gigs. Now in the last two months I've been sending out proposals to silence. It's never happened to me before. I almost always get a message back, even to say thanks but you're too expensive, and definitely after less than 5 proposals I find a new gig. I never even buy connects. This time I used all of my free connects plus bought some and NOTHING. Now I'm only sending a single proposal out about every other days and looking for jobs elsewhere. I've made A LOT of money for Upwork, but it seems freelancers actually doing jobs is not how they earn their money anymore. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!!! I feel like Upwork just doesnt care about its freelancers at all.

Same here. I never had to buy connects, but now I do, and I'm just wasting them. I think I'll have to look elsewhere too. Are you using a different freelance site? Upwork was always my favorite, but it seems a waste of time now. 

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