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Changing Feedback left for my client

Hi All,


Unfortunately I have a situation where my client only paid half of my fixed price contract, and then they closed the contract. All the work was done so I tried for a week to get a response from them but heard nothing. I can't currently access disputes or make requests on the Upwork page so I had given up on getting that money.


So today I left an honest one star feedback for my client. As soon as I did that, the client sent me the remainder of the money as a bonus. Still no communication from them but at least i have my money. Now I would like to adjust the feedback I have left them. How do I do that?






You can't change the feedback.


To avoid similar problem, you should check if the amount is funded 100% or not and remind the client to fund it if they haven't done, or if they would like to pay 2 or 3 times, , you can suggest milestone and get paid for any completed milestones.


Also, some clients have habit of doing no communication at all after the work is delivered, so don't be surprised. They don't even bother close contract or approve payment request, they just let 14 day repiod pass, and you will get laid anyway.

Hieu T
Vietnamese translator

Thanks for the reply.


Yes I understand the issue with funded payments and it was a mistake on my part to go ahead with the contract without clearing that up but there must be a way to change the feedback I have left for a client.


I can allow/request clients to change the feedback they leave for me so why is there no way to me to do the same for them?


Anyone else?

There is, Alan. It works just the same way. Here are the instructions: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211062208-Enable-Freelancers-to-Change-Feedback

Excellent, thanks Tiffany!!