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Changing from hourly to fixed rate?

Quick question: I'm ready to work with a client but she opened her project as a hourly one and I'd rather send in just a flat rate bid, how can she change it? She sent me an offer but I haven't accepted it yet. 



decline and ask her to change the offer to fixed rate under "terms"


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Thanks, got the client to change it and I'm working on the job now.  


i also noticed many clients, they post a Hourly contract but during interview  they are intrested in fixed amount,

or bid one amount for that work.


sometimes, clients are new so they want to control their budget. some freelancers take very long time for a normal work.

sometimes client make hourly project and they also make sure the freelancer will work on 4 hours as per their budget.


So you need to clear all things before start.

I placed a flat rate bid even though she posted an hourly job. I don't work by hours, but knew that I could complete this task so decided to send in a proposal and I'm glad it was accepted.