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Changing my name.

Hello everyone. 


My name is Oleksandr. But it's Alexandr at the same time. And Sasha too 🙂


Most of my long-term clients want to shorten my name because "Oleksandr" is quite long and difficult to write 🙂
Oleksandr is a Ukrainian name. Aleksandr(Alexandr) is Russian. Sasha is a short version of my name in both languages.
The question is: which of the three names can I use on the site without problems?

Although they seem different, but in fact they are the same name. My name.


You can't even imagine how often my name is chipped and once I'm not called: Olek, Oleg, Oli, Ole (some kind of Mexican version of Alexandr?) 🙂


In general, I will be glad to help from your side, because the site rules state that the name I use in my profile must be my real name, but what to do when all three names are my real names (name)?


I would like to change the name to Alexander (Russian version of the name and most common in my life, cause mostly I speak russian), because then my clients will call me at least Alex or something like that, which is not usual, but better than Oleg (this is another name that does not apply to mine).


*I've used Oleksandr, cause that's an official goverment translation of my name in English, which is in my ID.



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Community Manager

Hi Oleksandr,


You can update your name by going to Settings and using the edit button. You can try either name variation and our team will inform you if it's acceptable.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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