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Changing profile name with another name

Hi there!

I am a freelancer from Turkey. I created an account on Upwork and started to get some jobs. When I made money, I had to have a company for paying the income tax in Turkey. I did not have a company but my wife has one. So, I tried to use my wife's bank account on my Upwork profile but Upwork did not allow me to get the money from my Upwork account to my wife's bank account.

Then I created an Upwork account for my wife. And I started to use her account. I can get paying from Upwork to my wife's bank account now. We have no issue with taxes now. But when I talked with customers, they are surprised. I want to change my wife's visible profile name with my name. Is there any problem if I changed my wife's profile name with my name? Can I get the payment if I do that?

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You will get suspended. You violated too many rules to count. 

I hope, it will not be happen 😢 I will try to create an agency account. 

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Hi there,

Please, note that freelancers are not allowed to share accounts, create more than one freelancer account or misrepresent their identity on Upwork. Please, see Upwork Terms of Service for more information. 

In general, the name on the bank account has to match the verified name on the Upwork account in order for it to be added as a payment method. Alternatively, a freelancer can use a joint account where they're registered as one of the co-signers or look into creating an agency. 

~ Valeria
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Hi Valeria, I will create an agency account. Thank you so much for kind answer. 

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