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Changing the username

I started Upwork in 2020 when I didn't know anything much better than usual as I was new. So I thought I could give any username to my profile during creating my profile.
And I gave a different name as a username I wished. But after a year when I saw that should be the name quite the same as my actual name. Because when I suppose to share my profile with anyone like a direct client or want to share the profile link then it shows the username which is so suffocating and people saw the two different names, that does not look so professional I believe.
Now I wanted to change it anyway. So how can I do it as I saw there are no options to make any changes. Help me out, please.


Hi Amir,


I'm afraid is not possible to change your username. However, if you decide to opt for the Freelancer Plus membership, you will have the ability to customize your profile URL to your liking. You can check out this help article to learn more. 

~ Luiggi
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