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Chargeback issue , anyway to fight back ?

I had a client reach out to me for a project.
Upwork profile looked legit 
Payment verified Upwork Plus, 1 5 star review.
I initiated the work and when we were done I found out that I didn't accept the contract yet ( at this point I didn't deliver anything to the client yet )
When I tried to accept it, a message showed that the contract is on hold, so I couldn't accept it.
So I reached out to the client, and he said he will have another person from his team send me the contract.
And he did, however, that person payment method wasn't verified, so I told the client I won't deliver as the payment method isn't verified.
He then responded that they will send another contract from another person in the team.
Which checked out ( Payment method verified, Upwork Plus, has 5-star review and paid 1k+ )
I accepted but at this point, it felt so sketchy, I reached out to Upwork support to raise my suspicion.
They later sent me an email stating that since the project is fully funded ( escrow ) the funds are released, at this point the client released the payment, I helped them set up the project and we discussed the next steps.
The next day, I received a message from Upwork saying that the client charged back the amount of 2500$.
I can see that a chargeback issue is existent all over Upwork, even with a small percentage it is still an issue.

I am aware of the consequences of it, however, I had my suspicions of the client! 
I reached out to Upwork for clarification and the customer support literally said :

Always remember, all funds held in Escrow is secure. You're good to go on this contract.

Based on customer support saying that the funds are secure, I then ignored my suspicion as I know that the funds are secure, and delivered the work.

I don't think this is a normal chargeback case that I should accept the loss and move on, as there was a defining factor of me delivering was Upwork confirming that the funds are secure, and that's after I emailed them saying I think this is a sketchy contract, what should I do?

I really hope for compensation here, as 2200(2500-300 Upwork fee) isn't a little amount to ignore and move on with, especially when based on Upwork guidance I delivered the work, ignoring all my suspicions.
It is really frustrating 😕

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gehad,


I apologize for the inconvenience this caused. I've followed up with our executive escalations team regarding your case. They will reach out to you with more info as soon as possible.


Thanks so much for your patience!

~ Bojan
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