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Chargebacks: did you ever get your money back?

Just curious: did you ever get your money back after a client asked their bank for a chargeback? 

As I am experiencing this issue at the moment, I am wondering whether, after asking UW to submit a rebuttal to your client’s bank on your behalf, you succeeded in getting your money back.


I am probably too naive, but in my mind there's a simple sell-purchase scheme behind this issue: A buys something from B. B wants their money back. But A proves to B's bank that B actually purchased something. B's bank should therefore reject B's request for chargeback. End of the story. 


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It can get a bit more complicated if the client used a fradulent credit card and the bank itself caught it and issued the chargeback, which is not uncommon.

Hi Mary,

I agree, but still: why is the seller that actually sold a service/good the one that has to pay for other's fraudulent behavior? I guess the seller's bank should give them some kind of protection/insurance against these cases....which I think we freelancers do not have using Escrow and UW.

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It is an interesting concept you present... to suggest that fairness will happen if you can prove something.


But it is not quite so simple.


There are many situations in which proof is irrelevant, and not even considered or requested.

I know Preston, I know....

I probably portrayed what should be going on in Eleonora's Magical World 😉

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Usually it's a lost case. 

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Kinda feel this is it...

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