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Chargebacks on Upwork

So, I am facing my first Chargeback on Upwork for $700. I am having trouble wrapping my head around the concept of delivering work to a client and them approving the three diffrent payments and so I got paid for those jobs and then 2 months later they are able to do a chargeback and then I'm stuck paying Upwork the $700. I didn't even know the client did a chargeback and I tried to withdrawl money from another job I did and I was restricted from withdrawaling funds. My questions is as a Freelancer it's part of business that you get those bad clients however how do you get over losing so much money? It bothers me because like in the real world if someone files a charback you can fight it showing matter of fact you did provide those services. Any encouraging advice would be appreciated. 

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That's terrible. In a "normal" transaction it would be the vendor (you) who has money to lose who would be able to respond to a chargeback claim. I very much question Upwork's business model on this particular point. At the point it becomes a chargeback dispute, they should be acting as a third-party not a primary. But yes, there are other stories on the forums of freelancers being left with no money when a client initiates a chargeback through their credit card company. 

If the client has not paid for the work, you now own it and can resell it. Definitely issue a takedown notice if you spot them using your work online. 

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This happened a second time with me within one month.  I don’t know what is my fault. I gave my 100% to complete the work. After one week completed the job, I got a message from Upwork about chargeback. It is 100% wrong. I am thinking that Upwork is a safe platform for payment. But I was wrong. If Upwork can’t take the responsibility of payment of the fixed projects. Why Upwork have created a catalog service and fixed the project?  I have sent to message to the client but he did not give me a response.  I don't know how can i get my payment again. 

Hi Sandeep,


We are sorry to have to take this step. This action is a result of the client filing a dispute with their financial institution.

To try to resolve this issue, you may wish to speak to your client about why they filed the chargeback, or ask them to contact the Upwork support team to discuss the matter.

The Upwork team can try to help too by submitting a rebuttal to your client’s bank on your behalf. If you’d like us to do that, timing is critical. If you haven’t already, please reply to the email you received from our Chargeback team within 48 hours and attach proof of the work or deliverables you completed for the client.

Keep in mind that the client’s bank will have the final say and we have no control over the outcome. The team will update you via the support ticket once they hear from your client’s bank. If they agree with our rebuttal, the payment that was reversed will be reapplied to your account.

~ AJ
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What if client is a liar he take work from us and after some months he take charge back its not good for freelancers. This happened with me two times and Upwork not help me.

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