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Charged by Upwork and unable to cancel membership/profile - worst ever experience

I have never had this kind of experience with a company before. I followed the instructions to downgrade my account to freelancer basic last month to avoid being charged by Upwork. Woke up this morning to an email from Upwork saying they have charged me for the month. I'm totally unable to contact anyone about getting a refund OR about canceling my membership completely. The way this company is operated is an utter nightmare that I'm sure verges on if not violates consumer law. I need someone to reverse that charge and delete my account immediately. You are taking advantage of freelancers by making it purposefully difficult to cancel memberships and then having the audacity to keep charging.

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Hi Randall,

I'd love to help however I'm seeing that you have the basic plan and I'm not seeing any charges for the plus membership plan on your account. Could you please confirm that the account in question is the one that you are logged into and posting from in the Community?

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