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Cheap Rate Clients

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You can find clients with frequent 5$ projects I don't know why people even apply on these kind of Jobs .. 


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Newbies working for $5 to collect some job history and feedbacks. This client parasitizes on the absence of other jobs. But this is the market, he can do that. If there is no one for 5, then he will set 6, 7 ..

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Everyone does that at the start of their career & it's okay.
Those $5 can be used to purchase connects.

No, everyone does not do that at the start of their career. It's one thing to offer a lower rate at the beginning. However, there is an enormous difference between a lower rate and $5.00. Despite the mantra, having any job is not better than having no job at all. If you talk to freelancers, which I do daily, many started out with the cheapest offerings and never managed to get out of the trap. The dirt cheap clients are the worst to work for in most cases.


It doesn't matter where you live, your race, culture, language, sex, sexual identity, or any other surface designations. What does matter is skills. If you have the skills, charge for them. I understand when working locally or regionally, there must be attention to the going rate. However, this is a world-wide platform. Charge what you are worth.


For those who are desperate for money, freelancing is not going to work. If someone has $10.00 to live on, they should not spend $5.00 in the hope they will somehow get a job and make money on any platform. Employment is the best hope for those who have no money. Freelancing always has a financial cost.



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I don't either, but I don't trouble myself about it. That's their own decision for their business and has nothing to do with me.

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If this were a marketplace consisting only of freelancers who are experts in their fields, I wouldn't understand why people applied to those $5 jobs. But Upwork includes experts and inexperienced freelancers, and somebody, somewhere is always interested in the potential to earn those $5--(minus fees, of course).


That $5 added to another $5 and another $5 is a decent amount of money to some people.

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Upwork is catering to cheap clients and short-term jobs, what would you expect?

As long as there are unskilled freelancers on the platform who don't mind working for those rates, there will be clients exploiting that.

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