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Chinese currently travelling within U.S, will it be proper to be Paid on Upwork?

Hey, I'm a chinese female recently travelling within the states. And I found that I really wanna start some work now while I'm in LA. Wondering if imma get trouble because of remotely work here with B1 travelling visa? For example, the company who hires me can be from native U.S companies, or the companies from other countries (which would be no issue if in this case?)


I appreciate the professional answers!





Hi Serena,


I'm glad to hear that you're interested in pursuing work opportunities while you're in Los Angeles. However, it's crucial to be mindful of the regulations concerning your B1 travel visa.


While I may not be an expert in visa regulations, it seems that a B1 visa is usually granted for business purposes rather than employment. Engaging in remote work for a company in the U.S. or elsewhere could be viewed as unauthorized employment according to the conditions of your visa.


It is of utmost importance to seek guidance from a legal advisor or the relevant authorities to ensure that you are fully compliant with the terms of your visa.


- Pradeep

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