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Cient dissapear


So... I think I did a stupid thing... 

I send my client final version of a booklet, and I didn't check if she funded milestone, and of course

she didn't pay, don't reply to my messages etc...

Is there any way how I can receive my money? Or I should forget about that?

Any ideas?

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If the client is not answering messages and there was no money in escrow, then you're not gonna get paid. The slightly good news is that unless/until she pays for the work, you still own it. Give it a few days or a week -- reasonable amount of time in case she had a dental emergency, an accident, or something and was forced to neglect her work obligations for a short time -- then send one more message politely informing her that if she choosed not to pay for the work then it belongs to you, and if you can discover it being used in any way, you will issue a legal take-down notice.


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