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Claiming the money after project closed by client without paying the final escrow

If you are trying to submit the final escrow and client is requesting the date changed every time and since you are working in his live site. Is there any way to save your payment so if client by any chance after getting his work done and he would close the project without paying the final escrow. Althought the final escrow is funded by client already. Just trying to learn what would happen in such scenerio. Thanks

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Hi Gul,


Just to clarify, do you have an active milestone? Please keep in mind that our fixed price payment protection does not cover promised funds and unfunded milestones. 
To learn more about how you`re protected, check out this Help Article. Thank you.

~ Goran
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Gul I.,


To be clear, if the Upwork project page shows that the client has funded a milestone in part or in full, the client cannot simply close the project and expect their escrowed funds will automatically be returned to them.


I suggest that when you have finished your work on any milestone to the point where you can complete it within a few days of further work, formally submit your work to the client using the green "Submit", including a clear explanation and time line for completion of the work, so your client knows you do not yet expect release of the escrowed milestone funding until that remaining work is completed and submitted to the client in its final form.


This starts the automatic 14-day payment clock for that milestone and might better secure payment to you if the client dishonestly takes your completed or nearly completed work, cancels the project and demands return of the escrowed funds in an attempt not to pay you for your work on that milestone.


Keep in mind that any dates you and the client agree to for delivery of your work product (milestones) is of no interest to Upwork. You or the client can notify one another of a date you'd like to change, but that has no effect on Upwork's payment of escrow on any milestone.


If I have gotten any of this wrong, I am sure other experienced freelancers here will provide their corrections or other advice. 

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