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Clarification regarding links to portfolios

So, I found a lot of contradicting info regarding this. I have a gallery of my works on instagram, looks like this: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

I used to send it in many proposals, because some Upwork guy in some thread said it's ok. This evening, when I did the same thing, I got a little pop up warning me that it's against ToS.

So, what is it? Am I allowed to share my portfolio or not?

P.S. Also, do you realize that people who want to work outside of platform will find ways to do this anyway, this tightening of rules affects only the honest users like me who are trying to play by the rules. Why do you guys keep screwing yourself and make your users hate what otherwise could be an absolutely fantastic platform?

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Anything? Am I writing to the right place? Anyone from Upwork reading these forums?
It's a pretty simple questions, I think thousands of dollars I paid to this platform entitles me to a simple answer regarding you own ToS?

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Hi Roman,


You can find all of the information about sharing this kind of information on Upwork in this help article. Please refer to the Portfolio and Details and Definitions sections, specifically Contact Information Definition and Permissible Information to Share.


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