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Classification Review Flagged



I have been working with a client for eight months, and every month they assign a new project. Because they are an Enterprise Client, the project has to be reviewed by a Classification Manager before I can approve it and start working. Typically this has taken three days, sometimes a bit quicker, sometimes a bit longer. But for this last project, it still hasn't been cleared, and it's been eight days. They assigned me two projects this month; the other is also in limbo for six days.

I have reached out to the Classification Manager but have not received any information on what the hold-up is or how long I can expect to be waiting. 

Why does this process need to be taken with every contract with the same client? 
What is the hold-up this time around? 

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I thought i worked with an enterprise client but havent seen this classification process. But checking the docs and my prior knowledge about something called "worker classification" this is for compliance purposes. Because even if, as a client, you "think" you're hiring a freelancer, laws may not aggree with you and can say this person and job looks more like an "employee". This depends on if you actually are registered as a business in your location, if the client controls how the work is done etc. I think this is more important if both you and the client are both in the US. Seems like a service by upwork that enterprise clients may or may not use : 


Yes, I understand that. 


What I don't understand is why it is taking 9 days to be verified. 

And why every contract with this client needs to undergo this process, despite each contract having the same parameters. 

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