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Client Blackmailed Me

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Priyanka T Member Since: May 5, 2017
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I worked with a client on hourly rate. I have done seo successfully. Client has also paid the full payment and ended the contract.Now after few days he suddenly came and asking for the full refund. He is saying that he does not like my work. He was checking each day progress.Whenever and whatever he has asked to do I did it. Now he is threatning me that he needs full refund , otherwise he will take legal action in upwork against me and he say he is submit FIR against me at FBI.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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All you need to do is use Upwork's Messenger controls to block him.


That's it.


This ridiculous client can not ANYTHING to you.

The contract is over. You have already been paid.


I can assure you that the FBI does NOT investigate SEO results.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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He can not "take legal action against you at Upwork" because Upwork is not a court of law.


IT IS POSSIBLE that he could complain to Upwork about you, but probably nothing will come of it. If something does require your attention, then Upwork will contact you directly.


So there really is no reason to not block him.


Dont tell him you are blocking him.

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Andrew C Member Since: Apr 19, 2015
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I laughed out loud when he told you he would go to the FBI. Are you serious?! Smiley LOL


Definitely on the top of my list of scams I've heard of so far on here just because of how ridiculous and funny that is.