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Client Cancelled Contract (No payment or work yet)

I had a client who sent a contract on the first week of February, then after a few days he cancelled the contract because he had "enough people" on the job. This contact had no payment made to me and no work done yet on my part. Feedback was automatically set by Upwork to N/A or not applicable. Today my Job Success Score dropped. Does a cancelled contract with those circumstances really affect the JSS? Based on the latest update on JSS it was said that:
"This means that successfully completing a job with a larger budget will boost your score more than a job with a small budget."

I am sad that even though a feedback was not possible it still affected my JSS. Does anyone have the same experience?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Aianne, 

Unless feedback was left on the contract, contracts with no feedback will not be included in the Job Success Score. You may read more about it here. Your Job Success score is updated every two weeks, and it’s important to note any movement in this score (either up or down) reflects both recent activity and activity over a longer period of time. Because we look at trends over a 24-month period, you can see your score change, even without recently closed contracts, due to past jobs slipping out of the 24-month window. 

Job Success Scores reflect a wide range of factors such as public and private feedback, long-term contracts, and repeat ones. You can monitor your Job Success Score on your My Stats page. Please see this link for more info about what affects your score and what you can do to improve it.

~ Avery
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