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Client Changing Job Requirements?

Active Member

I need help from community managers please help me out of this issue.


I have a client from last 5 months and she is changing her requirements again and again. My account is already on hold by upwork. What should i do to get out of this issue................if i argue with her or end the project then she will do a negative review and which will result in my account suspended from upwork. 


Please help me out of this issue?


Thanks in advance.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Pankaj,


I'm not familiar with the project details, and would suggest to keep communicating with your Client and try to reach a resolution. You should get paid for the work you perform, just make sure all communication is recorded and Escrow is funded for the job (if the job is set up as Fixed price).


In case you can't come to a resolution with your Client and payment becomes an issue, please contact Support so we can assist you further. 

Community Guru

I am also dealing with a same type of client. In my case the client adds a clause "customer satisfaction" with every milestone and he keeps experimenting with requirements and I have to do lot more extra works.


Out of five one can turn to be an anoying one. Part of life 🙂

The only reason I am still continuing is because I do not want a bad rating and I do not want to go in to dispute.


I suggest you should do the same because you are in a sensitive position so a bad rating could be end of story for you!