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Client Denying from Our Agreement | Asking For Payment Discount | Making Me Accepting His Terms

Hi all, this is my first time asking something from upwork community. I need your help in guidance before me taking any step. I have a Client. To cut it short, He is making me cut the price of milestone to 70% of current price. He has the work, i gave him everything, but now he is denying from what we agreed, He is forcing me accept his terms. I have 2 projects from him. Now he is telling me, when i gave him everything for both project, i don't need your that work so i am closing that project without paying u anything, but i worked to earn that money for a week and a half. I am dead stuck. Because client have privilege to give me a bad feedback, which i cannot afford as i am in eligibility of Top-Rated Program


Hi Syed,


Please note that any requesting of free work is not allowed on Upwork, and it is ToS violation. It is always good to communicate and politely explain everything to your client to avoid any misunderstanding. You can discuss the terms of further engagement on the contract and attempt to resolve the situation amicably. Please let us know if you are not able to come to an agreement with the client so that we can assist you further.


Please check this post for the freelancer resources we compiled and tips for avoiding questionable jobs that we put together to help freelancers make decisions whether to work with a client or not.


Thank you,

~ Nikola

That post, which you shared with me is a great information but i have a different case. My client asked me of something, i gave him the estimate and we decided on some terms like when the work will be submitted there will be only 2 revisions. To keep things AGILE, i first designed the Screens through Adobe XD, which he really liked them and told me to proceed with the things while asking me to add extra things. For a good relation, i agreed to add those extra. (You know every freelancer prevent to have bad reviews because he works to stay best).


Cuttring the story short, when i delivered the project with agreed tasks, he told me that this does not feels right to me, so you change this, i did because i agreed for 2 revisions. After doing updates, i gave the work back to client and he says no this also does not feels ok, change this and this process goes onto 3rd and i said you are going on different track. You decided to have this UI but now u are not liking it is not my fault, and he said to me I want that UI, I am just working on Project and Task, i am not accepting Revisions. He just denied the Agreement at the end of everything when time for payment was there.


He, 3 or 4 days ago, just texted me out of nowwhere that i need this functionality too this is common sense. Now if we comes on common sense then he will never stops so i said to him if this is common sense then you should have told me before agreement but i will have extra money and he just said to me that i cant see work done other than a "HALF ASSED WORK". For all the weeks, day and night, all he have was this. And he just asked me that he will pay for only 70% of the payment he agreed and cancel my other project milestone too, which i delivered him to review and asked for a payment.

I am in bad position right now, Either i accept his terms to get some good reviews because i am in my Top-Rated Eligibility Program, which i don't want to disturb. 


I have 7 clients 5 start rating, i dont want to have bad review in my stack. For this, i have to sacrifice around 1k$. But if i go for money, i have to raise a dispute.


And i read one of your post, that dispute also disturbs your Top-Rated Eligibilty Program. 


And i really dont want to disturb that, because i work really hard to get into this Eligibilty Program.

Hi Syed,


I certainly understand your concern on this one. As Nikola mentioned below, it is best to discuss the terms of your initial agreement with your client and find a way to resolve the matter without having to resort to a dispute. Nevertheless, you may file an escrow dispute if the client refuses to release funds for a completed milestone. Escrowed funds won't be released back to the client unless you approve their return or undergo dispute mediation. You can find more about payment protection for Fixed-Price contracts here


Thank you.

~ Luiggi
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