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Client Dilemma - Is this all worth it?

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Cristina P Member Since: Apr 19, 2015
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Still on topic, after reading the OP, I think this website should brand itself "Upwork. Remuneration Is Secondary".

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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Irish - Your first mistake was to under value yourself, your skills, expertise and experence. The second mistake was to continue to do the extra work (scope creep) and not get paid for it.


This client didn't give you a raise mainly because of all the cheap free stuff she was getting from you. When you asked for a raise, she knew all that was coming to an end and that made her mad. Don't be surprised if she says none of your work was good and she wants a refund.


Freelancing is a business. Your business, Your business that has a goal - to make money, make a profit. In your busines you must provide services, market yourself, and compete with hundreds of other freelancers world wide. All that takes standing up for yourself. There are contractors on here that even charge for long phone calls, treating them as consultations, like having a consultation with a doctor.


You say you're not on here for financial reasons, ... but your work has value. If so, then clients PAY for that value, You don't give that value away or charge less then what that value is.


Freelancing can be very rewarding but it's also hard work. Remember, YOU are providing services to a client. You are in charge. You set the rules. If you can't do that, maybe freelancing isn't for you. I don't know. That's a decision you'll have to make for yourself.


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Irish T. L Member Since: Aug 29, 2015
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Thanks Kathy. Yes, I do get what you are trying to say. I asserted myself to her precisely because I don't intend to give away services for free or be treated unfairly for that matter. She was upset, I guess, that's why she became suddenly demanding and strict all. Perhaps she did not expect that I would do that, since I seemed to be so eager.  


But just an UPDATE, to be fair to her, just recently, she did pay me, but at the same rate. And after a while, she gave me a bonus of a $1 for all the previous works I've done for her. That's after I confronted her about the rate she is giving to other freelancers.. At least, it's a nice gesture from her.


But I better not expect any good feedback from her just like what happened to me on a previous client. After I confronted this past client of some discrepancy to the terms, the contract continued on, but she gave me a low feedback, without telling me anything that does not meet her expectation of the work. and so my JS dropped from 100% to 83%. This was a client who assured me to "take your time", but gave me a 3 for availability after I asked permission to be away for 2 weeks for a trip ans she said ok. 


I prefer Upwork over other freelancing sites, but I guess I should learn some basic tricks here if I want to survive, especially in dealing with clients. Thanks for all your help, fellow freelancers,