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Client Disappeared

Was working an hourly contract 5 hours tops. The client seemed pleased with the work and made changes as he requested. Was ready to ask for final feedback before I pushed the code to his repository, however, my client disappeared. He blocked me on upwork, removed repo privileges, and ended the contract. Surprisingly, he still left a 4 star rating. Was wondering if this would affect my job score rating (as it's only my second job on upwork and looking to get it 90%+) and do I get paid for hours worked?

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Yes, You will get paid as it was an hourly job. I hope you used Upwork  Tracker during the work.


Secondly, I can't see your current JSS as your profile is "private". Do you already have a JSS yet? (you said, it was your second job). Whatever, a 4 star is not too bad to affect the JSS score badly.




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If the client blocked you the private feedback he left is probably not that good...

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