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Client Disappeared

Excuse me , i have an hourly job before one or two months  and client paid me and he was happy from my work

He wanted to work with me for long time and he hired me for that, he would give me very good feedback and i waited it for long time because it might help me in the beginning on upwork, but he didn't close the contract and i sent to him many messages but he disappeared can you please close the contract because i heard it's not good if i close the contract as a freelancer and it's affect on my jss, please help me.


Does that will affect on my JSS please answer me?


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PLease check attachment file there is a screen shot for the contract i'm already talking about.


Thank you

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Dear Mohamed,

If there is no activity from any of your clients for a long time, your JSS will be affected also. At least in my case, I experienced such things. My JSS went down to 92% from 100%. I personally contacted Upwork support and they told me that this is because of the inactivity of some contracts. 

So, in my opinion, if your client is out of reach for 2-3 months, it's better to end the contract from your end. It will also affect the JSS, but probably a less.



Dear Sagar,


thank you for your advice but i really don't want anything affect on my JSS because actually i'm looking for Top Rated badge.


What can i do now?


1- If this case affected on my JSS, could in the future arrive to top rated on day or to have 100% rating or it's impossible if anything affect on my profile?

Yes, don't worry, you can still get to top rated and even 100% JSS with a no feedback contract. It may just take a couple of more jobs than it would have if this contract had good feedback.

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// i heard it's not good if i close the contract as a freelancer and it's affect on my jss,//

Wrong news. You can close the contract. Your JSS will get affected  if the client leaves you a -ve feedback.

He disappeared so he will not give me feedback if i end the contract so now i will end the contract without feedback , how can i get my feedback from him now?


i'm really sorry but i really need help

@Ramesh K wrote:

// i heard it's not good if i close the contract as a freelancer and it's affect on my jss,//

Wrong news.

 It is not "wrong news"

A significant percentage of contracts which close without feedback have a negative effect on a freelancer's JSS.




The OP only has 2 completed contracts so a contract which closes without feedback represents a third of the overall number of completed contracts and yes, it will have an effect.


However, a contract sitting idle for many months also has a negative effect on the JSS so this contract is a bad factor now either way.


The OP might as well close it, and then try and do a number of successful contracts so the effect of the one without feedback gets diluted quickly.  A "small percentage" of such contracts has no effect at all, but when someone has completed very few contracts, any one contract represents a significant percentage.

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