Client Edited Time?



I just completed my 1st project and was reviewing my hours. I realized the time I entered changed. I had 20 hours entered in and theres only 15 showing in my timesheet. How does this happen? Can the client edit time after me?


If you were entering manual time then yes, the client can dispute the manual hours entered.

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wow ok, thanks for the quick response

The client could have also set a limit of 15 hrs for the week. You can check your contract to see if parameters have been set like that. 

The client can NOT edit work diary or remove hours, only dispute them. However, a dispute for manual time is always awarded to the client by default. It is unlikely that there was a dispute, you would know.


As was said, if the weekly limit was 15 hours, then only 15 hours are paid. Also check if the " missing" hours could be in a different work week or contract by accident.

ohh thanks for the clarification Petra. It looks the limit was 30 hours, Im not sure how my hours changed then.

Did they actually change or are you looking at 15 in one week and 5 in another? Like if you worked last week and today, today's hours would be in this week, not last week, and the same with the previous week.


If you want to know how many hours in total go to the actual contract under My Jobs and see what it says about hours since start.



Just checked it says 15.10 hours on the contract. The contract started on Monday and ended Friday.

I entered my time in on that thursday and didnt put any hours in on Friday but its showing 3hours entered in on friday. Also on Mon it says i worked 10 min but I actually entered in 2 hours.

Remember that Upwork is on UTC, not your local time.

Is the contract still open? If yes, add the rest now. 

No it was closed on that Friday

Petra makes a solid point about checking other contracts for the missing hours. I know I've accidentally logged time to the wrong contract before. In that case, I've deleted the time from the incorrect contract and explained the situation to the client with a request to add the time as manual hours. 

Thats a good idea I'll take a look. I know we talked about it taking me 20 hours before the contract started but he might have changed it

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Hi Cherieta,


As others pointed out on this thread before, the client can't edit Work Diary, only the freelancer can. I checked and, unfortunately, it looks like you logged only one 10-minutes segment manually on Monday. You can communicate with the client and ask them to issue the remaining as a bonus on the same contract.

~ Valeria