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Client Ended Contract

i was having a job with my client 

and suddnelly the Client Ended the Contract 

without saying any words or reason or anything

it was hourly automatic with the upwork tracker 

and i sent him messages and called him he don't responde on me

then i see that he hired another one for the same job after ending my contract

what should i do now ?

and i didn't send the work when i went to upload the work i just saw that he ended the contract

so should i upload the work anyway now ? or what ?

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You can upload what you have done, but clearly he has decided to work with someone else. If you used the time tracker and recorded meaningful memos, you will be paid for the time worked on schedule, meaning this week still has to end, the client has a review period, and then in something like 10 days you will get paid. 

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Clients can close a contract at any time. That is fine. That is part of freelancing.


The client is not required to warn you or discuss his decision with you.


If the client ends a contract, don't send messages to him.


Should you send the files?
Well... yes.

They aren't your files. This is an hourly contract. All files you produced while billing time belong to the paying client.


So, yes... you should send the files, without comment.

alright i sent it 

and now what ? he could give me bad feedback if he sent refund request and i didn't accept it

cause i worked for 25 hour for his contract 


Why are you talking about a refund?

The client has not asked for a refund.


If he asks for a refund, just politely say no thanks.


He doesn't have any power to force a refund. And he has already left feedback, so he can not change feedback no matter what happens.


Don't worry about getting paid. You are getting paid. Don't worry about the feedback. If you want to know what the feedback is, just go look at it. You already left feedback for the client, so you can now navigate to the contract listing, click on it, click on the feedback tab, and view the feedback this client left for you.


I don't know exactly what this client is doing, but as a client, I routinely hire multiple freelancers (using hourly contracts) to do the same task. When I prefer one freelancer's work, I close the contracts on the other freelancers. By not letting all of the freelancers continue working until they are done, I can save money. It doesn't mean I don't like the other freelancers or think they are doing a bad job. I typically give excellent feedback to all of them.


Personally, I send a short note to the freelancers I close contracts on to thank them for their work and say they do not need to do any more work on the project. But a client is not obligated to do that.

alright now he gaved me a bad feedback and i don't deserve it after 25 hour of working for him

and it will effect my jss 

i need help

You worked for 25 hours.

You deserve to be paid for that work.

As far as I know, the client isn't trying to block you from getting paid for any of that work.

That's a good thing.


So your only concern is JSS?


Keep in mind that you have ALREADY commpleted 29 jobs.

You have very good feedback from clients.

You have 93% JSS right now.


Mabe this client's feedback will affect JSS.

I do NOT believe that you will help your JSS by issuing a refund.

Doing a complete refund will indeed remove a job and its public feedback from your job history. But it doesn't repair impact from negative private feedback.


I haven't seen the feedback from this particular client. But I do NOT think you should do any refund of any kind. Remember that you are here to work for money, not stars.


Keep in mind that this is ONE client and one project, and his feedback will appear alongside all of the other jobs you have already completed and received positive feedback for.

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