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Client Ended the Fixed Price Contract


I am working as Top Rated Games Developer on Upwork. I want to ask that i was working with a non-tech client since Sep 26, 2020. She was not aware of any technical terms about games development whenever i tried to explain her and she threatened me multiple times for ending the Contract because she was not getting my point, whenever i tried to explain her for platforms specific limitations.

She made 5 milestones, i did my job for initial 2 milestones and she approved that 2 milestones, for 3rd milestone i submitted done tasks and asked for approval, she took more than 2 weeks and Upwork approved the milestone, she was even not replying in that time period. After two weeks she came with few changes, in 4th milestone period and asked to complete all changes and 4th milestone tasks in 1 day that was not possible for me.

I asked her to keep these changes for the last 5th milestone that was just for support of the Game and its has 25% worth of the total budget. But she ended the contract and now asking for refund.

The refund is for 4th milestone yet but want to ask she can ask for previous milestones too? What is the best solution for me? I tried my best to complete the contract but what i felt she wanted to take source code of complete Project without Paying next milestones.

Muhammd Zohiab

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This is what i would do:
Provide her a work they he pay for until 4th milestone.
Refund a 4th milestone if you not provided work for it.

No hard feelings client and freelancer can end contract at any time.

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Clients may end a contract at any time.

As a freelancer, you should support that.


Here is an example:

A client hired you for a project and there were 5 milestones planned.

You did 2 milestones and were paid for those milestones.

The client funded a third milestone. But you didn't do any work on it yet.

The client now wants to end the contract. You should refund the third milestone.


In this situation, the client has not done anything wrong.


If a client wants a refund for a milestone you haven't worked on, you should issue a refund.

If a client wants a refund for a milestone that is 50% done, then the client should release 50% of the payment and you should agree to refund the rest.

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