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Client Feedback: Scamer

Hi there

I have contract: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Hourly rate: $12.00 /hr

Offer date: October 16, 2017

Start date: October 16, 2017

Weekly limit: 40 hours per week

Manual time allowed: Yes


When I do this job (Dated 16 Oct, 2017): I spend 7 hours for finishing this job. I send result my revised drawing to him in both PDF and CAD (Accurately)

The trouble is that:

When doing this job. I did not see the message from him because I have to concentrate to finish this job for him. Then he stop this contract and give feedback: “ 4 star; 1-2 hours worth of work MAXIMUM - 7 hours and counting. Scammer - no previous work”

After send result work for him: I have sent message to him to discuss this issue. I agree with him only counting 4 hours for this job (I am new in upwork) instead of 7 hours that I spend. His comment: “Scammer” is given me very angry. Because from children up to now no one tell me like that. I never cheat him or anyone.

My idea: If he think that this job is only 1-2 hour then he should do fix price contract. If do this job for 1-2 hours then I did not agree.

Note that: He need this job finish within this day

Please advise me:  Scammer is correct comment from client or not? If this is incorrect, please advise me the way dealing with this issue.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tran Van,


Both the client and the freelancer are free to express their opinion and experience with the contract in their feedback. Feedback can only be disputed if it violates Upwork’s Terms of Use. However, you can talk to the client to resolve any misunderstanding and enable them to change their feedback.


Check out this post for more information about Upwork feedback system.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria

Thank you for your reply. I have contact to Client but he did not reply. If i want remove this feed back how can i do?