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Client Feedback

I'm new on Upwork and I see this topic all the time. 


My question might be different. 


On 2 projects, I ended the contract after all was approved and payment submitted. 


I have not seen any feedback yet for me and I also have checked the projects to see if my feedback had shown for them.


Being that it has not - I'm assuming that possibly they have not logged in for a few days and have yet approved my feedback for them first? 


Would that be possible? 


From reviewing other posts - in the future I will have the client close out the contract to ensure feedback is left for me. 


Thanks for your time. 

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I think the client has 14 days to leave feedback (someone can correct me). That said and your point about having the client close it from now on is the most important thing. Do not close a contract yourself (there are a few exceptions but none apply to the cases you describe.) 

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Community Manager

Hi Michael, 

Scott is correct. The client has 14-days to leave feedback on the contract. If the client leaves feedback on the contract, it will show up on your Work History. 

~ Avery

Thank you. 


What if at the time I closed the contract, the client hasn't logged in since then? 


After 14 days, would the feedback I left them automatically been approved and I assume if they don't approve it themselves, there's also be no feedback left for me - Is that correct? 


I see one of my closed projects was on November 9th. It's past 14 days and yet I still don't even see the feedback I left for the client on the original job post. 

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