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Client Freedom to Waste Freelancers Efforts and Time


I have been working on Upwork for the last 4 years and have gained Top Rated Plus Badge. During these years I have seen so many jobs and applied to lots of them. I have a complain about the clients job hiring success rate. Upwork always make new rules about Freelancers success rate but not much for clients which is unfair.
Client should not be allowed to lower their hiring success score to less than 50%. I have seen multiple clients posting the same job multiple times without hiring any freelancer. This has been a very disappointing feeling when you don't get hired or see the same job posted again and again. With the new policy of connects, it's very hard to apply to multiple jobs and on top of that, client behavior to job hiring percentage.
Upwork should make a rule about this. It's not fair to keep putting the freelancer to the edge and ask them to beg for the job.

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**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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There is a rule. Clients are not allowed to post the same post multiple times. You need to flag it so it gets taken down. 


Hi Asad,


Thank you for reaching out to us. As Martina has mentioned, duplicate listings are not allowed. And while we make efforts in removing duplicate listings, there may still be some that get past our review so we have the flag option. If you encounter any duplicate listings or any suspicious job posts, you may send us a flag and we'll take action based on our internal processes.


Nevertheless, I'll make sure to share your feedback with the team so we can further improve the overall experience for our users.

~ AJ

Hi Annie,


I am here since 2016. Don't you think I know the flag rule by now. How many times a person can flag a job. Let's say I flag the job, how long it will take for you investiage the situation and take any action. In that time, the client post another job with a little bit detail changed. Flagging is not the solution, Forcing clients to keep their hire success rate amore than 50% is the solution. Upwork update freelancers success rate every 15 days, why not for clients as well?

How do you suggest to punish clients if their hire rate drops below 50%? Suspend them? Force them to hire? How? 

If you see that the client's hiring rate is below a certain level, then don't send a proposal.

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