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Client/Freelancer protocols

I have been invited to perform a job and we are going to have a phone interview in a couple of days, the job consist on providing steps to produce better video, essentially I have to provide the clients with guidelines.

My question is once I talk to the clients, what are my next steps to follow within the Upwork ecosystem, been a member for a while but this will be my first gig.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Hugo, 


Please do not start working on any project until the client has offered you a job, you have accepted it, and the client's payment method is verified. When communicating with a client prior to accepting the offer or starting work, you can speak to them about verifying their payment as this would benefit you in having payment protections in place.


To get your self started on Upwork, I would recommend reading up on these resources that we have compiled here. Also here are some tips for avoiding questionable jobs to help you work safely on Upwork. 

~ Avery

I don't plan to move a finger until we agreed on the terms. I believe the interview is to make sure that I'm the right person for the job, and the client has been verified (there is a green dot with a check mark on the job)

My question is how does this become official on the part of the client?


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