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Client Gifts

So I have a client who told me if we did X sales in X months he would buy me a PS4. I shrugged it off as I really didn't think he would actually go through with it. Well a few months have passed and I recently got a knock on my door from UPS with a brand new PS4 pro. He has my address as he has sent me some products of his to test out from time to time.

Is this allowed under TOS? Do I need to buy a chain saw, and saw off 5% of the PS4 and mail it to UpWork Smiley LOL? Do I need to compensate UpWork for the 5% value of it? Obviously all payments should be done through UpWork, but not sure what to do about physical client gifts which are given as bonuses. Am I free to destroy newbs on Apex Legends?

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Upwork allows such gifts.

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Upwork allows such gifts.

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Richard, congratulations on your new PlayStation!!

I'm not entirely sure about rules but Preston is probably right (as usual).

However, just to be sure, in case you manage to destroy some noobs, you could send 5% of them to Upwork. Probably their hands or feet. In case of elves, their ears would probably do. 🤪
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Just tell your client "Thank you" and don't give it any more thought.


But keep working for that client. He sounds like a gem.

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I've asked before because I often get presents (in form of products they produce) from long term clients and I was told it's fine!

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