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Client Is Forcing Me To Do Work For Free

i did hired by a client 5 months ago & it was a hourly contract & i did assigned to project as a developer & project goes very smooth for 2 months, 

than, suddenly, client hired another developer who had very low rate per hour than me to the same project & client was continuously comparing me with other developer about hours we are logging & client is making lots of issues, as he is saying, it is a lot of billing done & project is not completed yet & than finally he had made me to stop work for more than a month & contract was active yet & suddenly, he is forcing me to work for free & he paused my contract & he was always making me down in all aspects in front of other developers & he is claiming, I did nothing in 2 months while results are visible in front of all of us, i worked as he was assigning me modules & features to add to the website & website is live & website is working with all the features, I developed and I did worked honestly & I did developed all the major features of the website which he said to develop & they are working as far as better than the theme he choose, even in terms of mobile responsiveness too & now he is making me like you are not a good developer at all in front of other developer he had hired & i know the issue with client here is RATE, he is making issues because he found someone else in low rate than me & now he is claiming me to work for free & even he knows that the project we started was from scratch & i developed this all features & functionalities myself & everything was going well as expected, than suddenly other developer changed his cost to project & now, client is continuously blaming me for logged hours but he is not seeing the work which i did, the functionalities i delivered & now, he paused the contract & i do not want to work in this bad environment with this client because i already did my 3 months honestly & at the end i rewarded with bad comments, comparison with other developers and forcing me for free work till he satisfied, 


client had paused the contract & i am a top rated developer, will it affect my JSS ? & please i want to end contract with this client, what should i do now ?  please help me please, even my old clients are the proof that i never do such things which makes my clients feel dissatisfied.


and due to this client, i wasted my lots of days in free support to make him understand, what i had delivered is the same what he did asked me to develop & now he paused & now, i want to apply to other jobs & i don't want to work for free.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Dineshkumar,

I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you had with your client. Please send me a PM(Click on my name) with your contract ID and evidence about this, our team will investigate this further and proper actions will be taken. Thank you.

~ Goran

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