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Client Minimum Budget and Hourly Rate Criteria

Community Guru

If I recall correctly, Upwork previously imposed a minimum rate requirement of $3 per hour for hourly jobs, which to me was a first-step, move in the right direction for all involved. However, with the more recent introduction of the new sliding service fee structure, I believe it is time for Upwork to take both a budget minimum and the hourly minimum rates to the next level.


A realistic budget minimum and a more realistic hourly minimum need to be set that are commensurate with the new sliding service fee structure. My hope is to eliminate or reduce job descriptions and invitations like the scenario described below:


Scenario: Today, I received and promtly declined an invitation (that I am supposedly required to reply to within 24 hours in order to maintain my 100% CS score -- unfair performance criteria I have suggested be eliminated)...for WordPress development of a website from scratch -- indicating less than 5 proposals, seeking Expert Level $$$, and on a $30 budget! In addition, the client had a poor rating of 4.36 with only 18 reviews. Now, how dumb is that?


With the new sliding service fee structure in mind, in my declining message I suggested to the client that he/she try Fiver.


Additionally, I do not think that clients are even reading freelancers' profiles before inviting them to bid. My profile includes some verbiage regarding payment e.g., "Pay rates are negotiable dependent upon...and estimated gross earnings...." Regarding earnings I added "$501 or greater preferred" in light of the new sliding service fee structure, which I fully support.


If Upwork intends to improve ROI for Upwork itself, Upwork clients, and even Upwork freelancers, and as long as Upwork has to compete with the likes of professional sites like Toptal and Flexjobs (TT and FJ), they need to make changes that will advance the more successful and professional freelancers and clients on the Upwork platform.

Ron aka LanWanMan
Community Guru

@Ronald T wrote:



Regarding earnings I added "$501 or greater preferred" in light of the new sliding service fee structure, which I fully support.



 How exactly does $501 help you? You get to keep 90% of that one extra dollar, sure, but it's not going to have a big impact on the bottom line.


If the job is $499, you pay 99.80 and keep 399.20. If it's 501, you pay $100.10 and keep $400.90. 

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