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Client Names in Dropdown List?

Good morning!


I'm wondering if any of my fellow freelancers are running into a random and weird issue I've been having since the changeover to Upwork. When I go to the homepage and click on the arrow by my name and photo at the top right, not only do my options show in the dropdown, but I also see the names of two of my clients. I've also had the email inbox of one of them come up when I've clicked on messages. Does anybody have a suggestion about how to remove these guys from my profile - at least from that part of it? I'm a little bit OCD and it's driving me crazy!!


Hola, that sounds like a bug. It should be your client account in the dropdown. Basically, one client and one freelancer profile for 1 account.




I did notice that a month ago or so that I had one of my clients listed, but it has since gone away; at least on my dropdown. I have both a freelancer and client accounts. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Lynne,


Unless your clients have given you admin role for their accounts, it is related to an issue that our team is aware of and is working on currently. I have forwarded your report to them.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria